Start your design patent application process in minutes!

Easy 5 step process to file your design patent

  1. Hire us and provide us the information required for filing in an easy to complete questionnaire format. The form may be downloaded and printed or completed online. You may e-mail it, fax it or mail it.
  2. Provide us a set of patent drawings in PDF format, or a sample of the product or prototype and we’ll prepare your professional patent drawings for you.
  3. Decide whether to have an optional domestic or global patent search for potentially similar designs. These optional searches may provide more information that will be useful in assessing the likelihood of success of your application, as well as potential issues that may arise during prosecution.
  4. Our office will prepare a federal design patent application. We will contact you by telephone, Skype or e-mail if we have additional questions.
  5. Approve the draft application for filing.

Done! We will electronically file your application and send you a filing receipt from the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Become patent pending in a just a few short weeks!

Most patent applications are filed in 3-4 weeks of receiving the order. You will be accorded all of the protection of patent pending status and can effectively develop your invention without the fear that it will be unscrupulously copied by another. If a patent ultimately issues, you will be able to enforce your rights with patent infringement claims.

Get more than a decade of protection with no maintenance fees

The term of a design patent is 14 years from issuance and there are no maintenance fees to keep the patent in force over the full term.


Design patent applications generally cost less to prepare and prosecute. The specification is short and follows a predefined form specified by the Patent Office. Only one claim is permitted, and it also must follow a specific form dictated by the Patent Office. Since there is no detailed description, background of the art and other portions to draft, the application preparation costs are only a fraction of a conventional utility patent application. Similarly, prosecution has less issues to encounter, thus less legal costs.

Design Patent Pricing

Design Patent Fees Cost (USD)
1 Design Patent Application Legal Fee $1000
2 Design Patent Drawings Preparation $600

* Fee does not include USPTO fees.


Protect your investment. Protect your market share. Protect your hard work. Protect your customer base. Increase your sales and consumer recognition through branding. There are many companies that offer filing services at prices that are less than an attorney. Why should I use an attorney? Applications can be filed, but then they also have to be prosecuted. Only licensed patent attorneys can prosecute patent cases on behalf of others. Patent attorneys are attorneys in one or more states, but require additional training and an additional bar exam to qualify to practice before the United States Patent Office. After the application is filed, there are additional steps in the process. This process includes “prosecution” and “issuance.” Are your prepared to conference with the Patent Examiner about the legal issues in your case? Are you prepared to prepare a legal response to an office action rejecting your application? Are you prepared to correct any formalities or deficiencies in the application? Are you prepared to file an Information Disclosure Statement ? Using a patent attorney can give you peace of mind that a trained professional is there when these issues arise.


Our office is set up for electronic filing of patent applications. Electronic filing may reduce certain filing fees over paper filing. Other benefits? Yes!


Time is money. Electronic filing allows our office to electronically review the status of your file. Our office receives confirmations of document filings the same day they are issued. We can move your case through prosecution expeditiously. We can forward Patent Office communications to you and docket them in just a few minutes. No more opening the mail, photocopying, scanning, and hardcopy filing. This translates to both efficiency and reduced legal fees. Electronic filing also allows us to quickly prepare responses and amendments in a fraction of the time paper responses take. No more cover letters to the Patent Office. No more check writing. No more Express Mail costs. Efficiency for us. Efficiency for you.

Cool Tip for inventors!

Jay Wahlquist at Fogg & Powers has created a new free toolbar termed “The Patent Pal.” As described more fully on the download interface, the tool bar “contains over 20 unique patent related searches. These searches include Google Patents, FreePatentsOnline, Esp@cenet, WIPO, Pat2Pdf, the MPEP, and many more. It also includes links to other useful resources for both US and foreign patent practice, such as links to every major patent office in the world.”