Design Patent Application Questionaire

Are there additional co-inventors?

List names of others known to have worked on this invention, and describe their efforts or contribution:

List names of others known to have worked on a similar invention:

Descriptive title of invention:

Describe the ornamental (non-functional) features of your invention:

How did you think of your idea?

Prior Art

List related design concepts found in patents, journal articles, magazine articles, trade shows and other activities, etc.. Be sure to include the closest known existing inventions and any similar design concepts used in products distinctly different from your concerned area.


Was your prototype disclosed to draftspersons, vendors, consultants, partners (other than co-inventors), etc.? Indicate the date(s) of any previous or future disclosure, and identify the type of disclosure (by agreement, demonstration, paper or presentation given, trade shows, market probe, published article, etc.).

Has this been offered for sale to anyone (even without discussing price, just seeking interest in potential purchase)? Describe the circumstances.

Patent Assignment

Indicate the party to which your issued patent will or may be assigned (e.g. company or third party).


List companies, people or other entities which would be interested in defeating your invention patent protection. Describe any potential for license or trade.